President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, continued his revision of the stages of implementing measures taken by the Cabinet yesterday, after declaring general mobilization in Lebanon to confront Corona. In this context, the President received a series of reports from relevant Ministries and security apparatuses, concerning the adherence to decisions taken by the Cabinet, aiming to protect residents and citizens from the spread of Corona.

President Aoun stressed the need for strict enforcement of the measures taken in order to preserve public safety, while waiting till the epidemic subsides.

Minister Ramzi Msharrafiye:

President Michel Aoun received the Social Affairs and Tourism Minister, Prof. Ramzi Msharrafiye, today at Baabda Palace.

Minister Msharrafiye briefed the President on the results of his visit to Syria, and talks he held with Syrian Ministers and officials, as part of the effort to return displaced Syrians to their homeland, in addition to the taken arrangements to facilitate this process. The meeting also tackled the Social Affairs Ministry follow-up of this file.

Former MP Emile Rahme:

President Aoun met the head of “Solidarity” Party, Former MP, Emile Rahme, at Baabda Palace, and discussed with him recent developments, especially the steps taken by the Cabinet to combat Corona.

Rahme stressed the importance of solidarity between Lebanese especially in this difficult stage in Lebanese history, praising the calls of the President, in yesterday’s speech, to the Lebanese at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting, “Which highlighted the human and societal dimensions in the approach to the issue of fighting Corona”.

“Time now is to condone all narrow political differences and rise to the level of a comprehensive and solid national approach which puts differences aside to overcome these difficult circumstances” Rahme said.

Archbishop of Furzol & Zahleh:

President Aoun received the Royal Roman Catholic Archbishop of Furzol, Zahleh, and the Bekaa, Bishop Issam Youhanna Darwish, and a delegation of the General Diocese Councilincluding: Archimandrite, Nicola Hakim, Archimandrite, Nicola El Saghbiny, Father, Saba Saad, and Father, Elian Abu Shaar.

Archbishop Darwish briefed the President on the celebrations which the Archdiocese is holding, on the occasion of the first Centenary anniversary of the declaration of “Greater Lebanon” state, especially since Zahle witnessed this event, and participated in its creation through the contribution of its Archbishop at that time.

Therefore, celebrations will be held, in the presence of Patriarch Youssef Al-Absi and Bishops of the Synod, on Wednesday the 24th of June 2020, at five o’clock. According to a program that includes four speeches and spiritual and patriotic chants, the opening of the electronic Church library, the opening of the Cathedral Museum and removal of the curtain of Patriarch Moghabghab’s statue.

President Aoun praised the Diocese’s efforts in commemorating this anniversary, which the state had formed a special committee to celebrate for, and will reconvene to develop the appropriate national program for the occasion.

Source: National News Agency