MP Alain Aoun stated today that "altering the date of the parliamentary elections requires a law amendment, which necessitated passing through the parliamentary committees."

Speaking to "Voice of All Lebanon" Radio Station this morning, he indicated that during the session there were different opinions regarding the Lebanese expatriate’s voting, considering that "the issue is subject to discussion, and its decision has been postponed," noting that "the concerned ministers should clarify how the law can be implemented in terms of seat distribution and others…”

Aoun also expressed "dissatisfaction with some of the amendments that took place during the last session of the parliamentary committees, such as suspending working with the magnetic card and megacentre," stressing on the need to adopt this card.

Over the women's quota, the MP pointed out that "the issue was not appropriately raised during the session, whereby it needs a special session to be discussed,” noting that "if the women's quota is not coupled with other criteria for success, it will be a distortion of democracy."

With regards to lowering the voting age in the parliamentary elections, Aoun explained that "this issue is considered a constitutional amendment and has its own course, and is subject to discussion, but it must be accompanied by political awareness in schools, otherwise it would be used for electoral calculations."

He continued to affirm that the parliamentary elections’ deadline must be sacred, considering that “political engagement is not an easy matter during this period."

The MP announced that "his intention to run for the parliamentary elections is settled, and the opinion polls are positive towards him," indicating that "there is an internal mechanism for the Free Patriotic Movement to resolve the issue of nominations based on opinion polls."

Source: National News Agency