Al Mazunah Free Zone Attracts New Investments

Muscat, Said bin Abdullah al-Balushi,

Supervisor of Business Processes of Al Mazunah Free Zone said that

the number of the operating projects has touched 197 by the end of

November 2018 in the free zone, which falls under the umbrella of the

Public Establishment for Industrial Estates “Madayn”.

He added, Al Mazunah Free Zone has received 46 new

investment applications, which are currently under review and study.

He also said, The free zone has contributed to the formation of small

and medium enterprises for the citizens in the Wilayat of Al Mazyunah.

Around 14 SMEs were established in the fields of import, export,

shipping, unloading, construction, hospitality and public services”.

Additionally, the free zone has provided 60 job opportunities for

the national cadres in the operating body of the free zone, investing

companies and the developer Golden Hala Company.

Al Balushi also added that Madayn is currently working on a

number of projects including phase one of developing the free zone

(second package), phase two, transmitting electricity to the leased

companies (cables and transformers), and the broadband project.

As per the electronic system adopted by Al Mazunah Free Zone

to manage the movement of exported and imported goods, the volume

of imported goods to the free zone has touched 155,666 tons by the

end of November 2018. The number of imported vehicles, machinery

and equipment has amounted to 7739 during the same period.

Madayn undertakes constant efforts to promote Al Mazunah Free

Zone among investors through organising several events that highlight

the available investment opportunities in the free zone and the role

played by its strategic location in contributing to the regional and

international trade and investment movement, al-Balushi stated.

He added that these efforts come in line with Madayn’s vision to

enhance the Sultanate’s position as a leading regional center of

manufacturing, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship excellence, and

its mission to attract industrial investments and provide continued

support, through regionally and globally competitive strategies, good

infrastructure, value adding services, and easy governmental

processes. The efforts also come in line with Madayn’s objectives,

which include attracting foreign investments to the Sultanate and

localizing the national capital; contributing to stimulating the private

sector to achieve sustainable economic and social development;

achieving environmental sustainability, and contributing to the creation

of new job opportunities for the national cadres.

Al Mazunah Free Zone was established under the Royal Decree

No. 103/2005 to operate under the management of the PEIE.

Source: Oman News Agency