Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi affirmed that the Iraqi woman is the whole of society and we reject any violence against her.

Al-Kadhimi said at the conference against violence against women, "Although we live in a more open world than before, human rights violations are still more prevalent, especially with regard to women, and violence against women still represents a barrier to achieving equality and development, not only in Iraq, but most of the world's countries.

He added, "Since we were young, we have heard the famous saying: Women are half of society, but this half suffers a lot, in light of the unfairness and betrayal of society.

Al-Kadhimi addressed the women, saying: "You are not half of society, but rather the entire society. The other half is born from your wombs, and you are our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. It is inappropriate for the violence, humiliation and violence to continue against you."

He directed the Ministry of Justice, in coordination with the legislative and judicial authorities, to put in place effective mechanisms to prevent cases of violence, and to set strict penalties for perpetrators, praising the role of the Judicial Council in returning the family courts, calling for facilitating and expediting the procedures for the reviews of our daughters and sisters.

He stressed that the Ministry of the Interior to activate the Directorate of Family and Child Protection, and the Women's Division in the Community Police, and the hotline to receive complaints should be effective and prompt, and there should be safe homes for those facing violence, and then full legal, social and psychological protection for the victims.

The Prime Minister stressed that "women in Iraq constitute more than 50%, and therefore their share and participation must be no less than the share and participation of men."

He called on the next parliament to legislate the Family Protection Law, as well as the electronic extortion law, of which women are the biggest victims of it.

He continued, "We are approaching a month after the fateful elections, so I call on everyone, especially women, to participate actively and broadly to change the reality of our country," noting that: "There is no solution to all our problems except to go to the polls, and give our votes to those we trust in their professionalism, integrity and their work to reform..

Al-Kadhimi directed the ministries of Education, Higher Education and Culture to work on joint educational and cultural projects and initiatives in the field of combating violence against women.

He concluded by saying: "We cannot reach the ranks of developing countries without addressing domestic violence. Building the human being is the cornerstone of any development project, and women represent the main pillar in this regard."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency