Al Jabal Al Akhdar receives Over 226,000 Tourists in 2018

Muscat, The number of tourists who visited Al Jabal

Al Akhdar between January to December 2018 reached 226,487.

Al Jabal Al Akhdar is usually a preferred tourist destination during

winter season. It is one of the most important tourist place in the

Sultanate of Oman where the number of tourists increasing year after

year. This is due to the influx of European tourists who want to spend a

pleasant time and enjoy the cool climate of Al Jabal Al Akhdar.

Al Jabal Al Akhdar emerged as one of the most preferred tourist

destinations in the Sultanate during the winter season between the end

of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. This is because the temperature

goes down in the mountains. There is exceptional harmony in the

scene of mountains, trees and plants, as well as the villages situated


Winter tourism season is certainly a boost for the business of hotels

and resorts in Al Jabal Al Akhdar. They achieve high occupancy rates

at this time of the season. The hotels organise many activities, tours

and entertainment programs for their guests.

They programmes include those within the city and in mountains.

They also arrange visits of beaches and cruises. The hotel occupancy

rate often depends on their locations. The tourists are greeted with

local traditional hospitality. They get convenient transportation options,

luxury hotels and superb tasty food.

Azhar bin Khalfan al-Tobi, Assistant Director in the Department of

Tourism in the Governorate of A’Dhakhiliya said that Al Jabal Al Akhdar

was one of the most important tourist destinations, particularly in the

winter season, because of its unique atmosphere and geological

formations which attract tourists to roam in Al Jabal Al Akhdar.

He said that the ministry was currently working on the development

of mountain tracks of Al Jabal Al Akhdar and making their map to make

the visit of the entire area easy in exceptionally enjoyable atmosphere

on top of the mountains.

Source: Oman News Agency