Muscat, An agreement was signed today to establish

Tawasul Charitable Organization in the Special Economic Zone

Authority in Duqm (SEZAD).

It aims to provide financial support and fund projects for the benefit

of local communities in the Special Economic Zone in Duqm (SEZD) in

particular and Al-Wusta Governorate in general to promote sustainable

economic and social development according to the areas of work

defined in its Articles of Association. These include entrepreneurship,

training, education for work, health, environment, and supporting

associations and sports clubs.

The agreement of “Tawasul Charitable Organization was signed by

officials of 8 companies, namely Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical

Industries Company, Oman Development Company for Economic Zone

of Duqm, (Tatweer), Oman Petroleum Development Company, Port of

Duqm Company, Oman Dry Dock Company, Oman Airports, Sebacic

Oman Company, and Nahdat Al Duqm Holding Group.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Sheikh

Mohammed bin Sa’ayid al-Kalbani, Minister of Social Development and

Yahya bin Saeed al-Jabri, SEZAD Chairman.

Sheikh al-Kalbani affirmed that the establishment of Tawasul

Charitable Organization is a qualitative step that enhances cooperation

between the local community in Duqm and the companies operating in

the zone, and expects this organization to have positive results for

companies and society in the near future.

In a press meeting according to the signing ceremony, he said that

the establishment of Tawasul Organization is a pioneering idea by the

companies operating in the zone and is a product of continuous efforts

by companies to serve the community and revitalize the economic

sector with precision and provide various services in the areas of

community support, training and marketing of products.

The establishment of the Charitable Organization is part of the

attention accorded by SEZAD and the companies operating in SEZD to

promote the concept and practices of social responsibility in SEZD.

On his turn, Yahya al- Jabri expressed his thanks and appreciation to

the companies that part of “Tawasul”. He explained that the new

organization will contribute to increasing awareness of social values

and unifying the efforts of community support instead of individual


The companies elected Dr. Rashid bin Ali al-Balushi, Board Member

of Tatweer, to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund.

Nasehah bint Mohammed al-Falahia, General Manager of Duqm

Refinery Company was also elected as Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The objectives of the Foundation include providing charitable and

public benefits as stipulated in the areas of work specified in its Articles

of Association, paying attention to raising the standard of living of the

families of social security and low-income families in SEZD, spreading

and establishing social responsibility concept among businesses in

Al-Wusta Governorate. It also aims to raise the level of how businesses

in SEZD deal with social responsibility concept, promote and support

individual initiatives in social responsibility to consolidate it in the local

community by honoring leaders from different sectors, and urges

businesses in SEZD to develop its management strategy to reach

international quality standards in the area of social responsibility. It will

also support businesses in SEZD and motivate them to obtain

international quality certification in the field of social responsibility, as

well as support environmental initiatives and increase environmental


The Board of Directors comprises the executive heads of the

founding companies or their representatives. The Board appoints the

CEO of the Foundation to manage its affairs and is accountable to the

Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appoints members of the

Audit Committee at the first meeting of the Foundation for two years.

However, the Board of Directors is not obliged to accept any of the

names proposed by the Executive Management of the Foundation. The

Foundation’s Articles of Association stipulate the selection of the Board

of Trustees from the members of the Government representatives,

including two Walis, two members of the Shura Council, three

members of the society and the CEO of the Foundation.

The executive management headed by the CEO shall manage all

executive responsibilities of the Foundation in accordance with the

executive regulations and powers vested in the CEO by the founding


Source: Oman News Agency