A woman from Wasit, has been detained in Saudi Arabia for more than a month, released

Member of Parliament for Wasit Governorate, Ahmed Salal Al-Badri, announced the success of efforts to release a woman from Wasit after she was detained in Saudi Arabia for a period of (35) days while she was performing Umrah ceremonies.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that two days ago, we received an appeal from the woman's family that one of its women detained in Saudi lands for 35 days, as a result of her entering into a dispute with Saudi security personnel. Indicating that the Saudi diplomacy has been contacted in order to release her, and this has already happened with the approval of the Saudi authorities to release her today, and she will arrive in Iraq within two days.

He added that our fellow MPs from the western region help to make contacts with the Saudi side, and they made great efforts in this matter.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency