A-Maliki _The force cannot impose a political reality that forces others to move according to its compass

Baghdad The leader of the State of Law coalition, Nouri ? A-Maliki, affirmed that force cannot impose a political reality that forces others to move according to its compass.

In a statement received by NINA, Al-Maliki addressed the Iraqi people and those who are responsible for the supreme mission of the three authorities, and those involved in the ranks of the Iraqi national forces.

First: Force cannot impose a political reality that forces others to follow its compass.

Second: The one who ignites the war is not the one who stops it or controls its tracks, just as he is not the one who reaps its fruits. Rather, there are internal and external influences that start to stir or stop the bloody scene.

Third: Everyone has pledged to preserve the political system and work under the umbrella of the constitution and the law, and we must condemn any wrong practice by any of us without complacency or equivocation.

Fourth: The legitimate state institutions have complete immunity and respect in accordance with the law, and attacking them is a major crime punishable by laws, and is considered an explosion and sabotage of political life and a violation of pluralistic democracy.

Fifth: Nineteen years of violent policies and the strife between this component or that and that political party and that party have sufficed us. The Iraqi people have reaped nothing but pain, suffering, strife, and lost opportunities for construction and progress, and whoever puts Iraq in his heart and mind, he must be consistent with this conviction and claim and adhere to the constitutional contexts in his political steps, and appeal to the logic of reason and the national interest and legitimacy, and is subject to the rule of the Constitution, which is translated by the judicial, legislative and executive authorities.

Sixth: The people are the source of authority, so where is it in the culture and premises of political forces, or is it a tempting sign and a platform for achieving personal and factional goals, while the people are required to judge and criticize wrong and illegal practices in the light of their constitutional awareness.

Seventh: What we always say and adhere to remains as a structural part of our political practices, which is to stay away from violence and illegal force, break the system and sabotage it. All political forces, whether represented by the government or the opposition, must appeal to the decisions of the people’s voice that the legitimate parliament reduces through its decisions and laws. And his positions, adherence to the provisions of the judiciary and the Federal Court as the constitutional judge in disputes, and dealing with the executive authority as responsible for implementing laws and taking care of the people’s interest in what they aspire to, with respect for its institutions and decisions, and this is the common word that we have to meet with all our different affiliations and identities.

He added, I take the opportunity today to offer my heartfelt thanks to the Popular Mobilization and its commitment, discipline, and non-dealing with crises, at a time when thousands of its sons sacrificed before us in response to ISIS attacks on Iraq.

He continued, I also extend my thanks to my sons in the armed forces, who showed great discipline and great patience as they faced uncontrolled bullets and missiles that do not distinguish between a man, a woman and a child.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency