Muscat, The 7th International Conference on the

Omani-British Relations during the 17th to the 19th centuries and the

accompanying documentary exhibition began today. The conference is

organised by the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA).

The conference was inaugurated by Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq

al-Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture, in the presence of ministers,

officials, researchers, interested persons and specialists in the fields of

history and culture.

The conference is held within the framework of according the

greatest attention to the historical and cultural aspects and the

international relations binding the Sultanate with the countries of the

world. The conference will continue until 10 October.

The conference is attended by academics, researchers and

intellectuals from more than 12 countries, including Britain, Iraq,

Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the

Sultanate. They discuss 43 working papers in three themes addressing

historical, political, economic and cultural aspects.

Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed al-Dhoyani, Chairman of NRAA said

that 7th conference is devoted to the Omani-British relations since the

seventeenth century to the nineteenth century. He added that NRAA

has been holding scientific, intellectual and historical conferences

within and outside the country to highlight the cultural and historical

aspects of Oman and its ancient history.

Alastair Burt, British Secretary of State for the Middle East

spoke at the ceremony about the Omani-British relations, noting that

they are strong, solid and deep-rooted.

He also highlighted some common points of action between the

two countries, such as the Swift Sword 3 exercise and strategic

partnerships, in addition to partnerships in the field of education and

the agreements concluded between the two countries, which in turn

are conducive to the consolidation of the relationship between the two


The ceremony included the inauguration a book entitled “History

of the Omani-British Relations” authored by Ambassador Ling and

Ambassador Alliston, former ambassadors of Britain to the Sultanate.

They emphasised the durability of this relationship, which began in the

seventeenth century, based on evidence through records and

documents. The authors highlighted the past five decades through

their personal experience as former British ambassadors to the


The ceremony also included two documentaries, the first was

themed “Omani-British Relations”. It dealt with the historical relations

between the two friendly countries, which span over centuries. The

second documentary was entitled “National Memory”. It tells about

NRAA, highlights its fields of specialty, its role in preserving the cultural

heritage, the purpose of its creation, which is to preserve the national

memory of the country as a main resource for researchers and

beneficiaries, as well as the beginning of its work towards the

construction of a new modern system for the management of

documents and archives in government agencies and the

implementation of the international certified standards.

The documentary exhibition contains more than 150

documents and a collection of pictures, magazines, stamps and coins

that depict the strong relations between Oman and Britain, in addition

to the presentation of maps for commercial and exploratory routes, and

the Omani coasts and maps of cities.

The exhibition also includes photographs of official visits

between the Sultanate of Oman and Britain, as well as a number of

images that reflect the two countries’ relations in the developmental

aspects, friendly meetings, visits and fraternal meetings.

The documentary exhibition also highlights historical articles in

the international newspapers that wrote about Oman and Zanzibar, its

Sultans and social life, as well as listing the diplomatic and friendly

relations, agreements and treaties between the two countries.

The exhibition consists of several aspects including consular

relations, agreements, treaties, commercial relations, maritime affairs,

Oman and Zanzibar in the British press, health and education, visits,

diplomatic relations and politics.

Source: Oman News Agency