Salalah, The 4th Summer Cadettes Jamboree under

the theme “By Development and Will, We Achieve Leadership” and the

19th summer senior jamboree under the theme ” Wider Horizons for

More Beautiful World ” will kick off tomorrow (Friday) at the permanent

scout camp in the plain of Jebel Ashur in the Governorate of Dhofar.

The event will continue till 8th August, with the participation of (500)

guides (400) seniors in the seniors’ jamboree.

Today, cadettes and seniors from various governorates of the

Sultanate arrived and distributed on sub-camps.

The aim of the jamboree is to develop the skills and knowledge

necessary for girls to play an active role in the Girl Guides Movement,

in the service and development of the community, and to enhance the

abilities and skills of girls to deal positively with life.

Source: Oman News Agency