Muscat, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that the deadline for bid document for the sale of raw dates, locally called “Al Busoor” for 2018 is 29 July.

The Ministry also pointed out that Al Busoor includes types locally called as Al Mabsali, Abu Narinja and Madlooki. The crop will be sorted out depending on quality.

Al Busoor types of, locally called as Suri, Badiya, Sharqiya, Omani, Madlooki and Al Batinah, will be sorted out and then stored at the designated store for each type. Al Busoor will be then cleaned and packed in bags for export.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry urged famers to develop the quality of their projects and purify them to enhance competiveness at the export markets.

The Ministry also called for identifying new markets for Al Busoor and encouraged famers and traders to directly export the crop to foreign markets. The Ministry noted that it is committed to issuing the subsidy provided by the Government to each ton produced by farmers.

Source: Oman News Agency