At least 27 per cent of the electricity consumed in Algeria will be produced from renewable energy sources by 2030, says the Director of Energy and Mines, Ali Benyakhlaf.

Following the implementation of a programme to produce 22,000 megawatts (MW) of clean energy from solar and wind-powered generating plants by 2030, 27 per cent of electricity produced in Algeria will be generated using renewable energy sources, said Benyakhlef on the occasion of the celebration of Earth Hour 2018.

Of the expected 22,000 MW, more than 500 MW are already being produced in 2017 from 23 photovoltaic plants nationwide, said Benyakhlaf.

As for the transportation sector, one million vehicles will be converted to using clean energy by 2030, namely compressed natural gas (CNG) and SIRGHAZ (liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG), replacing polluting fuels.

Unlike conventional fuels, CGN and LPG significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and CO) and pollutant emissions, according to experts from the Agency for the Promotion of the Rational Use of Energy (APRUE).

The conversion of gasoline-powered vehicles to CGN or LPG will be progressive and target more than one million vehicles by 2030.

Source: NAM News Network