Ibra, Talal bin Khalfan Al Shuaibi, Director of

Tourism in the Governorate of North A’Sharqiyah, said that the

governorate has 25 hotel facilities. Here, the number of companies

operating in the tourism sector is 42.

The governorate is currently implementing a number of projects.

There are several other projects waiting to be implemented, including

apartments, four hotels, two green hotels in the Wilayat of Ibra, a hotel

and 3 tourist camps in the Wilayat of Badia.

He said that the governorate was preparing to start many promising

tourism projects to serve tourists who comes here to enjoy various

components including its wadis, ponds, mountain trails, sand, castles,

forts and ancient lanes. It is opening huge opportunities for private

sector. The future projects of this governorate are a tourist resort in the

Wilayat of Bidiyah, amusement and games as well as a sandy cycling

circuit in Al Wasil, a tourist camp and a hotel in Rikkah.

In the Wilayat of Dama Wa Ta’een, two hotels will be set up in

Sumahan and Mahlaj, as well as a tourist resort in Al Fulaij in Ibra and

two hotels in Suwairij in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi and Najd Al

Mahramah in the Wilayat Al Qabil.

On the private sector investments in the tourism sector and the

opportunities available in the governorate, Talal al-Shuaibi said that the

private sector has a significant role in governorate’s tourism movement.

There are many opportunities for the private sector such as running

cafes near water ponds in Wadi Bani Khalid.

There are a number of private companies which are specialized in

rescue and ambulance and sanitation companies in some of the tourist

sites in Wadi Bani Khalid. They play effective role in maintaining the

cleanliness of tourist sites including castles, fortresses, wadis and

public toilet.

In addition to this, there are investments of some of the citizens in

the tourism sector. They have started services like public toilets at their

own expenses. Then the ministry took them on lease for a renewable

contract for a period of five years to serve the domestic tourism

movement. There are such ten public toilets spread in various tourist

sites of the governorate.

On the tourist components of the governorate, Al Shuaibi said that

the governorate was one of the tourist destinations in the Sultanate,

which has elements such as wadis, most prominent of them are wadi

Bani Khalid which has beautiful scene of the range of trees spread all

across it. It ends at water ponds. Similarly, there are a number of water

ponds such as Dooda, Kinarah, Al Matjar, Al Mukhdah, Al Hajir, Alalah

at Wadi bani Khalid. Similarly, in the Wilayat Dama Wa Ta’een, there

are ponds Al Falaj, Al Murr, Al Sakhna, Al Misfah. There are also

mountain tracks.

Sands of A’Sharqiyah is one of the most beautiful desert camping

areas in the Sultanate. In these deserts, a number of tourist activities

are organized. They include driving 4 wheel drive vehicles and climbing

on sand dunes in addition to horse and camel races.

Also there are natural parks and public gardens in the governorate.

There are also castles and forts showing magnificent architecture.

Al Shuaibi said that the tourism department in the Governorate of

North A’Sharqiyah was implementing ministry’s policy in coordination

with the concerned directorates for movement in tourist sector. It is also

monitoring of all tourism facilities to ensure compliance with licensing

conditions and implementation of laws, rules, regulations and standard

specifications in all tourist facilities as well as decisions regarding rates

of tourism services.

Source: Oman News Agency