Muscat, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU),

represented by the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for

Postgraduate Studies and Research and the College of Agricultural

and Marine Sciences, University of Nizwa, Animal and Plant Genetic

Resources Center and Qatar Quranic Garden are holding the first

International Conference on Frankincense and Medicinal Plants:

Recent Advances in Research and Industry from 30 October to 1st of

November 2018.

Due to the increasing interest to explore new drugs and products

emanating from medical plants in general and from frankincense resins

in particular coupled with the need to link industry with academia, it is

mandatory to provide a platform to discuss the recent advances in this


The conference aims to promote an exchange of knowledge and

information about frankincense between specialists and researchers

and to establish linkages between producers, industrialists, and

consumers of frankincense products worldwide. To this effect,

acclaimed scientists from across the globe have been invited to

participate in this distinguished event. This will result in raising the

added value of frankincense and medical plants, increasing its

contribution to the national economy, enriching scientific research in

the Sultanate and promoting the country’s cultural heritage.

The conference’s first track revolves around frankincense’s

traditional use, taxonomy, horticulture, conservation and harvesting.

The conference’s second track, however, sheds light on the chemistry,

biology and health aspects of frankincense.

The conference will include various activities including an

exhibition for frankincense companies and producers to showcase their

latest products in this field. All interested entities or organisations are

now given the opportunity to participate in the exhibition to benefit from

the international experiences in this field.

Start-ups and student companies have also the opportunity to

showcase their experiments and products. The exhibition will be a

great scientific platform to exchange knowledge and information, which

will be of a great significance for all the participating entities, which

seek to develop their products in this field, so that they go hand in

hand with international discoveries, standards and interests. Those

interested may register through the following link

( The other part of the

exhibition will be devoted for scientific posters, which focus on the

latest medical and scientific discoveries in medicinal plants and

relevant fields.

Given the important status and the historical and cultural value

of the frankincense, a number of organisations and institutions from the

public and the private sectors are participating in supporting the

conference as strategic partnership, including the Ministry of

Agriculture and Fisheries, the Omani Botanic Garden, Omani

Environment Association. Oman LNG has participated as the bronze

sponsor of the event.

The preparations for this conference have started a year ago

and a number of committees have been formed including the executive

committee, the administrative committee, the scientific committee, the

organising committee, the technical support committee and the

exhibition committee. These committees have spared no efforts in

preparing for the event. The scientific committee for instance is

responsible for receiving and reviewing research summaries within the

time allocated for proposal submission. The scientific committee is also

responsible for preparing the event’s schedule by allocating sessions

in accordance with the conference tracks.

Source: Oman News Agency